Pepper & Me – Moroccan Dukkah Crumb – 200gm


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This may or may not be a stroke of genius. If you’re not sure how much of The Mother Dukkah to add to Panko crumbs for the perfect seasoned crumb you don’t have to worry – we’ve done it for you!

This custom Pepper & Me blend combines just the right amount of Panko with The Mother Dukkah and a dash of extra seasoning and sesame seeds, and is the perfect crumb for chicken, fish or beef.

This extra tasty, crunchy crumb will take your chicken or eggplant parmigiana to a whole new level. Sprinkle the Moroccan Dukkah Crumb on your pasta or potato bakes, and take your Scotch eggs and rissoles to the next level.

Please note this product contains Gluten and Nuts


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